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835 W Addison St, I Chicago, IL 60613 I (773) 327-1427

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"In Christ All Are Embraced" is not just a tag line at LakeView Lutheran. It is one of our core beliefs.

LakeView Lutheran appreciates the gifts that come with an inclusive and diverse community.


Don't let our small size fool you!  Through the varied gifts and skills of the congregation, LakeView Lutheran has created a supportive and nurturing community.


We are a community that rejoices in our diversity and shares a common commitment to grow and serve, to celebrate the gift of life and to use our individual gifts to make the world a better place.

We find a great deal of spiritual strength in the worship style of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and in our ministry with, and to, people often marginalized by society. Within this framework, worship takes shape, engaging mind, body, and spirit in the experience and celebration of God's presence in the world and in our lives.


Empowered by God's Spirit, we leave to live in sacrificial service to the world. Following Jesus' example, we strive to be an inclusive fellowship, breaking down all those barriers which divide us. We welcome all people regardless of age, race, religion, income or sexual life.

​Music is a very important part of the services at LakeView Lutheran.  We have a talented group of musicians and singers who perform, under the name Resurrection 835, from time to time during church services, as well as in the community at senior living facilities and Potbelly's at lunch time.


Although the congregation is too small to sustain a traditional choir, musical performances organized by church members have included singing excerpts from Handel's "Messiah," Jesus Christ Superstar, and a Palm Sunday service set to songs of The Beatles. And, every year there is Music Sunday, a service full of music of all types.

OUr Mission

We know that we are not called together for ourselves alone, but for offering to others and the world the peace that God had has given us. We are committed to sharing this gift through ministries that promote justice and mercy, in acts of kindness and prophetic witness.


Sundays at 9:30 AM

worshiping with Resurrection Lutheran 

3309 N. Seminary Avenu

​Gather with us to hear the words of scripture, offer our prayers and gifts, and share a meal.


Ministry is a job for all people, not just professionals. We encourage all Christians to take an active part in ministry, both in and outside of the church. For examples:

  • Lakeview Employment Group 

  • LakeView Lutheran rooftop garden provides fresh vegetables to two local shelters.

  • My Story Counseling

  • Youth Empowerment Performance Project 


Guest speakers have included members of homeless and transgender communities, who bring their message to the congregation,  providing us insight and understanding. 

We take pride in being part of the Annual Pride Parade

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835 W Addison St.  I  Chicago, IL 60613  

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