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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

– Coretta Scott King


Lakeview is Chicago’s largest community area and attracts people from all over Chicagoland.


Stemming from the Lakefront west to Damen, Lakeview is made up by Southport and Lincoln corridors, East Lakeview, Boystown and Wrigleyville, the most well known areas.


Just minutes north of downtown, it’s vibrant streets boast some of Chicago’s best culture, shopping, dining, and a diverse mix of theaters in the Belmont Theater District. Throughout are corridors for shopping and an incredible variety of locally owned, independent businesses.


Visitors flock to our neighborhood year-round to take part in our outdoor festivals and farmers markets. With unparalleled access via three CTA train lines and four CTA bus routes, Lakeview businesses thrive alongside destination retail and restaurants, drawing customers from across Chicago

It is also home to the Chicago Cubs.

Lakeview's diverse community creates a rich lifestyle for us all. When we work together, we can help our neighborhood and its residents thrive.


Together, we are one Lakeview. 


Being Lutheran means giving, sharing and being of service to our neighbors and our neighborhood. A strong community takes many hands.

Our churches have long histories in Lakeview stemming back to the days when German and Swedish immigrants settled in the area. Built on community by these immigrants, they established the Lutheran way in Lakeview that continues today.

The Lakeview Lutheran Churches each have their own community ministries that work to strengthen and build up Lakeview, including music concerts, knitting, the Crop Walk for to end hunger, community gardening, marching in the Gay Pride Parade, welcoming the community into our church and making our voices heard for equality for all, and for those without a voice.

Lakeview is rich with diversity and, just as our churches are, the neighborhood is welcoming to all people. 

While Lakeview is a thriving community, there is still need within to be addressed. Lakeview Lutheran Churches are active in this work: food donations, serving meals, promoting diversity and justice, supporting a large LGBTQIA+ community, addressing homelessness (individual, family and youth) and advocating for more affordable housing, and much more.

We support our community through good works and helping our neighbors to maintain a thriving, vibrant Lakeview neighborhood for all to enjoy.


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