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Color Stain

Confirmation & Youth

Youth in grades 7th-12th work, play, learn, and grow together in the Lakeview Lutheran Parish. 

Upcoming Events

4th Sunday of the Month - Youth Group

Check with Pr. Michelle or Pr. Kelly about what's up this or next month!

Synod High School Retreat - October 20-22, 2023


Youth Group

7th-12th Grade Students

Youth in 7th-12th grades are invited to join us on the (mostly) 4th Sunday of each month for faith, fellowship, and fun​

For more information, please email the coordinators of this program. 


7th & 8th Grade Students

We see you as a child of God and part of the beloved community of faith and invite you to participate in a time of learning and reflection about what it means to live as a beloved child of God in community and creation today.


Confirmation meets on the (mostly) 2nd Sunday of the month from 10:50am- 1pm. The location rotates among the four congregations. 

For more information, please email the coordinators of this program.


Service & Learning Trips

Every three years, we attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering. Other trips may be planned for summers when the Gathering isn't happening.

In the summer of 2022, we traveled to Holden Village, a Lutheran Retreat Center in the Cascade Mountains.


Watch a video recap of that trip here. 

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